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Victims, Offenders, and Community (VOiCe)
Serious Offence Program

VOiCe offers a restorative justice approach in cases of serious crime. The program will consider cases where criminal behavior is not suitable for regular diversion. The offender must accept responsibility for guilt. This restorative justice initiative places priority on allowing participants to voice their concerns, identify their need for redress and to support accountability, reparation and safety. The VOiCe Program is an opportunity for willing participants to have a voice in resolving the affects of serious offences.

Program Purpose

A) To offer an opportunity for victims and offenders to discuss the crime, its effects, obtain answers to their questions, express their feelings, and participate in a healing and recovery process.

B) To assist in the healing of victims, offenders, their respective families and communities.


A) To offer victims an opportunity to meet with their offender in a safe environment.

B) To empower individuals affected by crime to achieve satisfying justice through a restorative approach.

C) To encourage interested offenders to: develop empathy and accept responsibility.

D) To provide offenders with an opportunity to change their future behaviors and to understand how they affected the victim(s) and their own family.

E) To provide the community an opportunity to participate in the healing and restoring of harm caused by the offence.