Referrals to Heat

Auto theft files will be tagged by the city police RAMP coordinator for the Crown and youth will be referred to HEAT by the Crown, as a post charge process, applying eligiblity criteria (Section 4, Young Offenders Act) and the specific criteria of HEAT. The HEAT coordinator will be in daily contact with the city police RAMP coordinator and Crown to identify possible referrals and will establish the most efficient and timely referral and communications process. If the youth agrees to HEAT, a future court date will be set at this initial appearance to allow time for the HEAT program or other appropriate programming to be completed. All youth should complete the HEAT program within three to six months.

If referred to HEAT, youths' first contact with the HEAT coordinator will occur within two days. Research indicates that second offences occur soon after the initial offence, emphasizing the need for timely intervention. Youth and their parents/guardians will meet with the HEAT coordinator and receive a full explanation of the program, sign a copy of the program detail to indicate they have received and understood the orientation (expectations, what constitutes a breach, response to other offences being revealed during HEAT involvement, duration and benefits of the program). Family involvement will be encouraged and facilitated to the greatest extent possible; a fundamental success factor for youth to avoid re-offending. Youth will also sign an agreement to participate and the necessary release of information forms. Youth may withdraw from the HEAT program at any point and have their matter returned to court.