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The Role of the Elder

An Elder is a respected and honored member of the community who is asked to share their experience and knowledge with others during the community justice process. RAMP is an Aboriginal based organization where Aboriginal Elders are given preference, however, RAMP is adaptive to clients' needs as we can provide what they ask for.

Elder Events
Keeping the Fire & Gathering of Elders

Meet the Elders

Elder Carrier
"Never call anybody down. Never call down anybody's religion. Never think you're better than anybody. Everyone is equal in life. We have to care for each other."

Clifford Carrier-Cree Sioux
Piapot First Nation


Elder Cochrane
"Today everything is abused and it's sad. It's changed a lot. You have a spirit in you. You draw that spirit away everytime you do bad things. You have to be very careful today. It's very important to see that our children grow up good."

Audrey Cochrane-nee Quewezance
Saulteaux Elder
Keeseekoose First Nation

Elder Harry Francis

"As long as we are human beings, we will make mistakes. These people should not be thrown away. We must teach and help them find a good path in life"

Harry Francis
First Nation



Elder Yeo
"It's very important that we work together as a community. This way we're exchanging culture in the community...not only with our Native people but also with the community at large. We need to work together."

Anne Yeo-Saulteaux
Cote First Nation

Elder Pinay

"A lot of young people are changing. They're starting to find themselves; they're starting to find their identity. They need someone they can connect with. Old people always tell us "Never throw away our people away; especially our young children or grandchildren". So that's what we have to do today. We have to continue that to make them feel wanted."

Mike Pinay-Cree
Peepeekesis First Nation



Elder Kreunen
"I just love to learn so much about Native culture...I hope I can learn a lot more. At the Elder's Gathering, everybody comes out and tells their life story, what they're doing. It's really, really good. I believe it helps a lot. I'm sure they, other Elders, and younger people, would learn an awful lot too."

Lillian Kreunen - nee Albert - Cree
Elder for Sweetgrass


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